Friday, December 31, 2010


i hate it!!!...
yup.. there's still have benefit behind that but i just can see a lots of worst things compare to the benefit side.

what are the problem it is?
actually i have a lots of problems with the term of racism since I've been ask by UiTM shah alam, to further my study in KELANTAN. yup... the most racism place in malaysia...
at first, since i was young.. early 13.. I've been told that.. "u better avoid in making a friend with kelantanese"
the sentences that always remind me..

i wont believe that... i wont.. because i do have a few of members come from kelantan.. and they were just nice and humble,  even though we are hardly to speak or making any conversation since we have problem in different slang or pronunciation. but we just still can breath together under the same air.

now the show time was started during my first degree in KB. yes, now i do believe how racism they are..
i will not wrote if it's not come from my own experiences.. sometimes i just feel life is unfair and world is too cruel for me.

situation 1: i need to find a house to rent, and the owner have described about the house.. they've said it's a bungalow nearest UiTM... and well organized, proper for student to live...
we blindly believe that... and you know..
if u well-educated.. then what kind of bungalow it is?
we should call it CHICKEN BARN!

okay... i know that was my fault in blindly believe the owner... but! if u at my place.. i think u will do the same thing because i've got a list of house to rent from UiTM's NR which is officially being provided by our honored university... the problem is, how come this type of black list house is available for students..
and if DATO SAHUL or any officer UiTM shah alam know about this.. i am very sure the real culprit behind this who receive any bribes will end his career.

i really dont know how to defend my self and express the real situation facing by me. and i really apreciate my sister cause brave to speak and voice for me...
unfortunately... what kind of word he gave my sister?
the only word that enough to show how bluntly and uncivilized   
BABI!.. (pig!) that was a harsh word and improper for adult who having business conversation with his client. because of their stupidity in responding customers problem, and responding their guest.. i give them a bullshit...i was shock later. i just can't accept this, when this fucking stupid men can talk properly with other who's having similarity under his race and place. W.T.F

NOTE: if u have an idea in renting your house..please do not put any fake information because we as customers can sue you and we have voice to express that.. in any complain, we won't accept your freak and ridiculous reason... you have your responsibility in  satisfied your customer. do not use the term of busy as your reason!.

situation 2: this always happen when we were purchase or make any purchasing. this was soo unfair. because of we were using our own language which is bahasa melayu pasar... so our price is more expensive than people who speak pure Kelantan. hey.... what's wrong with that?
we can't be tamed to use kelantan's language and it's not fair.
actually this is really happen and advisable for you to bring along your guider. 
situation 3: racism among my housemate... this was a fucking annoyed story. yes.. my advise is.. just make a friend, but don't give your all or don't trust your kelantanese friend more than what you can predict...
they are soo talent to pretend.. actually infront of us.. they are soo sweet and lovely.
but they will give a shitt behind us. i love an idea of help a friends, but i do hate about the entire members will hate you and ban you if you have any problem with one of their members... W.T.F..
if you don't know what i was facing about.. you better stop your stupid thought.
actually one of your members act like a parasite and dog who poisons and bite others. don't be silly with your idea of friendship when you are not.

okay... i have wrote and posting too much...
but gladly because i have few of kelantanese people who totally out from this racisme issue..
glad that you are not like that.

my class is the best and there is no problem of being together.


actually it's nice to meet new people.. it will ripen us and we will able to take and handle the next path.

(i know my English is suck.. but better try than nothing)


  1. xpe..
    ni sume slh satu cabaran dlm hidup..
    lepas ni,kiter akan lebih berhati2 memilih
    RUMAH % RAKAN...


    love u qia...hug n kisses..

  2. aida: luv u too...
    harap2 lepas ni xde lagi yang buruk2 berlaku

    a big hug for u



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