Thursday, January 20, 2011

it is your assignment or mine?

tiredly and lately
we already have our own group and assignment
i do love assignment
because i feel kind of adventurous even though it mess my mind.

i can handle it
i can accept any idea
i can tolerate if she acknowledge my work
i can be nice if she know how to appreciate

she and she and she
start to mess with her
like never know how to communicate and acknowledge student's work
she is my lecturer

"hey.. u better not do this.. its jerk"
"hey its sound too jerk"
"when you do this, i think orang tua pun know how to make it" (a rude comment)
"such a mess"

you know... she cut and discarded all my points and ideas?
without listen to me
without have any deeper conversation & deeper discusion
only refer to her side and ignored us

then she come up with her idea
"why not u follow my idea"
and bla bla bla bla
for me, she's trying to say
"your idea is suck and i have better idea and please just ignore your idea.."

such a bossy

its soo different 
during my diploma time
my lecturer is talented, kindly, 100% sincere and always listen to student side
and keep listening us and always by our side

even if we come up with a mess idea or the worst one,
they keep trying to find the benefit and usefull side of our idea
not like her.. keep smash and kill my mood

if this is your style
then why you give us a task
it is your assignment or mine?
who become a guider
and who become a guidee

or u want to show this?

and it is our first meeting and conversation
i have a bad judgement
i am flooded by hatred
surrounded by~MY IDEA IS BETTER

i know.. i am just a student.. ordinary one...
but i can voice my feelings and give my idea

rather than u smash mine.. why not u just sit back and discuss with me and understand me..
and talk politely... not yelling.. just be nice so i can return the same act
do i need to understand u?

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