Tuesday, January 18, 2011

-SOUNDBITE- lately~

we learn from mistakes
everybody have mistake
and you should accept ur mistake


(not that Pict )

fucking ass damn whore mouth is suitable for that damn girl who carry out my bad stories. it's totally out of truth and 100% wrong. silly girl, trying to flirt with someone who unsuitable 4 u by ruin my reputation.
sorry!!!~~ xde modal nak flirt ke? or xlaku and tergedik2?

she called me DUGONG.. and i call u KOALA (your eyes look scary with lebam and pity make-up).. at least, i have happiness that u never got it. (since blog is my space and its freedom of speech.. i can do whatever i want). much better then yelling DUGONG in the Van and talking shitt behind me. 
thank you miss colorfull KOALA~
see~~ how good i am when someone asked me:
"what's wrong? do u have any problem with her?"
kindly and innocently im answering with..
(my kindness have reveal)
unless for this blog~~ it rely like my diary

at least i'll never mention to HEP @ HEA @ KP @ CIK MAS @ CIK SU about that KOALA..

keep holding this word..
one fine day.. justice will be with u

yess!! yess!! yess!!!
gladly.. when have another yang memang dah lama BERBULU with that KOALA. problem that shitt
sebab apa? that's is because... everybody is hate and feel insult with her WHORE MOUTH..
frankly speaking... go to mouthwash la yerrrr!!!

and one thing.. (free tips)
when someone give u an authority,
u just do your work
we have learn marketing
and know about management system
and u should know ur limits

maniskan muka, kurangkan perli, hilangkah muka buat2

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