Saturday, October 13, 2012

My sweet Voice "Dia Frampton!"

Suka/Like Dia Frampton
lovely voice and effortless to make my heart melt
already melted

since i found her on youtube, the voice and do cover from 2ne1 lonely,
seriously I can't stop listening to her voice.
the best thing about her is she's too humble and lovely.
allowed anybody to posting on her FB without hide her posting wall.
so i think it is the medium that can make us (fan) be close and can share anything we want to.

by the way, i  wrote something on her wall
gladly,she reply me..
it was incredible which i can say historical moment for my self.. fantastic and awesome..
when i got notification from dia frampton on my Fb
it felt like.. clueless.. like you got heart attack.
a moment later
you shout loudly.. scream and said yeah!!!!
I do make anyone surrounding felt annoyed on that time when i scream loud for no reason..
hahaha sorry
but i think everybody will react the same thing if your favourite singer do the same thing
Hollywodd artis maaaa.. bukan malaywood :))

even though the message was simple and short but really glad because she noticed me

Love you from Malaysia!

let share some of her picture
took on her FB... :)

half Korean.. seriously at first glance i thought she was half filipine

really love her unique voice
seriously touched by your serenade
and i think she can be more than her dream
hope fully
and please enjoy this song
thank you

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