Saturday, November 3, 2012

Make Up- Before and After (cheap products)

This is my original face
pale spooky creepy and annoying

how i apply my everyday makeup and make it look more fresh
FRESHHH!!! like a baby ( annoying and i know it)

just using a cheap products

1. foundation from maybeline
2. BB stick from maybeline
3. foundation + plum blush from avon
4. compact powder from maybeline
5. eye shadow brown chocolate color from elite
6. gel liner from revlon and maybeline
7. mascara from silky girl
8. Liptint from avon
9. lova love lipstic from avon
10. pink in2it lipstik

dan beberapa lagi list dalam beg yang xdikeluarkan

all the items above just cheap and available at guardian, watson and sasa
just light and simple
for me... i like to enhance my lips since i got superb pale lips
so i need to enhance that weakness

and the result is


nothing really different
and this is my everyday simple makeup looks

now let us see the different 


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