Wednesday, October 14, 2015

WASH HAIR USING COCA COLA (crazy experiment)

Hi & Assalamualaikum.

Last month i've watch one of the youtube channel that showing the process and the result of her hair after washed using coca-cola. It is sound weird and even sound ridiculous to me, but its really works on her hair which it become shining, curly and lush, i've heard that she mention about this experiment is really works on someone who got thin hair.
maybe this posting can be considered as a way to deal with thin hair.

This is the ingredient needed. Coca-cola and your favourite shampoo to rinse.
2 bottle of coca cola is enough for my hair, the quantity is vary for each individual, depend on the length of your hair.
This coca-cola only cost me about RM1 for each bottle. 

This is my typical 'before sleep' look with coca-cola.
the current condition of my hair is dry and frizzy.
hopefully it did something miracle to my hair.

i know that some of the reader might say,
"please dont do this crazy things, why not if you just go to saloon and take some treatment or vitamin for hair"
this is my reply:
"Chill lah, life is short, and i just want to do something that i wanted to. Let me experimenting this for my own curious sake"

I just wash my hair with coca-cola and let it about 10 minute before rinse.
After 10 minute, you can rinse with your favourite shampoo and skip for conditioning your hair.
Don't worry about ants or any other insect that might attack while you sleep, you already wash and rinse your hair with shampoo, ant wont come to you.

The result is....
it does make my hair look shiny, but for the lush and curly things.... hmmmmm i think that it does not work on me. It is a good try and at least i genuinely know the result.

don't argue or preach me why i did this.
it just for my own curious sake.

thank you for your time.
bye bye

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